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FUPROSOMUNIC Preserving the Environment


" I have my solar kitchen, to cook my vegetables "

   My name is Karina Escobar. I have three children under 9 years old...

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Graduacin Granada grupo 2016

FUPROSOMUNIC is the Spanish acronym for the Foundation of Nicaraguan Women Working on Solar Projects. This organization focuses on a better quality of life for Nicaraguan women and their families while also protecting the natural environment through use of basic solar technologies and energy. There are specific ways we do this: promoting the use of solar ovens and complementary wood-conserving stoves, solar food dryers and dehydrators, use of the SODIS water purification method, and small-scale electrification of family homes with solar panels.

FUPROSOMUNIC is a non-governmental organization and non-profit, legally established since 2006.

Getting to know the products of FUPROSOMUNIC Frutésol

With a purchase of dehydrated products from FUPROSOMUNIC, you are also supporting various and diverse projects.

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